Turning Solo by Isabelle Schad is based on Naïma Ferré’s fascination with spinning for long periods in dialogue with a research on inner movement material and its extension into the world. Little by little an initially minimalist study in movement becomes a shimmering jewel, a rotating sculpture, the choreographic portrait of a dancer.

In Neck-Lace, the three TRaG performers (each dressed entirely in black and wearing a long beaded necklace) engage in random movements within the given space, whilst welcoming the audience to take part in the work.
A long durational performance by TRaG: Stefanie Trojan, Barak Reiser and Snežana Golubović

ANT AND… titillates the spectator’s imagination. Two dancers, Vania D’Angelo and Fanny Vandesande , unravel their human and physical appearance and create a sculptural performance in which one image transforms into another. ANT AND… is a gracious play that changes and morphs in relation to the ever-changing circumstances.

For MUTE Sabine Molenaar is continuing the path of her last creations in which she was researching stillness of the mind while aiming to reach timeless and boundless inner worlds expressed through her body. What represents the movement of stillness and silence?

Servez-vous is the story of a silent metamorphosis. The skin exploded, organs imploded and spread all over giving a different form to the human. Servez-vous invites the spectators to be participants of this metamorphosis. A woman, Natacha Nicora, on a ironing board offering a tray of delicacies Living.

Après la Chronique is a performance of Nicolas Hermansen about the sense of social isolation in our hyper-connected society. The initial situation is mundane: two performers, Albert Bassas and  Jordi Font, stylized as twin-figures, are sitting at a table and eat. This scenario changes gradually into an absurd, surreal charade.

T.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e. – Pierre Larauza and Emmanuelle Vincent
As a living sculpture, a dancer evolves on a pedestal as she slowly turns into a mutant, faceless and blind. Although Mutant has been inspired by a specific Vietnamese phenomenon, it invites the spectators to rethink the notion of covering and thus provides a more global reflexion on identity.

MIND THE BODY – Nomadic Poetry
Poet-performer Maya Wuytack creates a living stream of poetry. She enters the anatomy of the space and opens it up to an inner imaginary world. Woven into the events, the other performers, the light and the silence.

Barely Imaginable Being.
A solo for nervous system.
A solo for nervous system.
A solo for nervous system.
A solo for nervous system.
A solo for nervous system.
A solo for nervous system.
by Klaas freek Devos

Raamdans (Window dance)
In one of the windows of the Duivelsteen, Charlotte Vanden Eynde is performing an adaptation of ‘Tafeldans’ (Table dance), a piece for a table in a living room. In a series of powerful images she very slowly rises to her feet, telling us a highly personal story with a still and subtle choreography of arms.

Two girls. Four hands. An erotic tale in sign language.
Two performers guide you into a world of erotic storytelling by the movement of hands, based on the works of female erotic authors.
A performance by Nona Demey Gallagher and Imke Mol.

Like God in drag – muted
Inspiring or cheesy?
Contemporary image culture thirsts for authenticity. What makes one thing fake and the other one true? Anna Heuer Hansen and Alice Van der Wielen research the tension and confusion between what is genuine and what is not.

Out of the equation
Everything in nature is constantly in movement  but what about the human being? Are we part of nature, or do we put ourselves on the outside of it? What is the difference between transforming out of wish and out of need? When do the human being truly make changes for itself? Are we part of nature, or are we out of the equation?

by Sara Fellman

Tarot is not merely an answer to a question. It is a Mirror of the Soul, a guide through the multi-layered labyrinth of our lives. A most intimate encounter will take place, your question will be held in the silence space, it will be sensed, intuited and it will be answered. Are you able to step away from your logical, linear mind and enter the mystery of the high priestess? Follow the call. Be, be with, be held, become. By Rachel Porter

In Mono Jotka Bauwens (choreographer) and Bastiaan Vandendriessche (performer) go in search for poetry in a wordless connection between a man and a woman. With nothing more than a couple of chairs they install an image that seems to live a life on it’s own. How the two relate to each other is partly up to the audience to decide. The perpetualization of a moment. Until disturbance appears.